Further Deliverables

Project Meetings (D.M.1.1)

  • 6.6.2017 in Graz (project kick-off meeting; Host TUG)
  • 11.10.2017 in Sopron (host SzU)
  • 06.12.2017 in Graz (project meeting and first advisory board workshop; host TUG)
  • 28.02.2018 in Eisenstadt (host PHE)
  • 05.06.2018 in Wien (host OCG)
  • 19.06.2018 in Wien (host OCG)
  • 5.9.2018 in Eisenstadt (host PHE)
  • 25.-26.09.2018 Staff Exchange (SzU-TUG) and project meeting in Graz (host TUG)
  • 22.-23.11.2018 in Zamardi (project meeting and 2. Advisory Board Workshop and Conference + EDLRIS Talk; host NJSZT)
  • 22.1.2019 in Wien (host OCG)
  • 29.1.2019 in Wien (host OCG)
  • 26.-27.2.2019 in Györ (Project meeting and short Staff Exchange TUG-SzU; host SzU)
  • 25.3.2019 (staff exchange and project meeting TUG-SzU; host TUG)
  • 15.4.2019 (staff exchange and project meeting TUG-SzU; host TUG)
  • 12.9.2019 in Budapest (host NJSZT)
  • 30.10.2019 in Graz (host TUG)
  • 12.6.2019 in Wien (project meeting and 3. Advisory Board Workshop; host OCG)
  • 11.3.2019 in Wien (host OCG)

Advisory Board Workshops (D.M.4.1)

  • 6.12.2017 First Advisory Board Workshop in Graz (host TUG) [pdf]
  • 22.11.2018: Second Advisory Board Workshop in Zamardi (host NJSZT) [pdf]
  • 6.12.2019: Third Advisory Board Workshop in Wien (host OCG) [pdf]

Robotics and AI Curricula (D.T1.1.1 – D.T1.4.2 and D.T2.1.1 – D.T2.4.3)

All curricula for all modules are integrated into a unified learning management system (LMS): https://onlinecampus-server.at/edlris/
EDLRIS course overview: EDLRIS_Courses_Overview.pdf

Overview of modules:

Robotics and AI syllabi and material:

Robotics and AI Certification (D.T4.1.1 – D.T4.6.4)

Training and Certification System are integrated into unified EDLRIS Learning Management System (LMS): https://onlinecampus-server.at/edlris/

AI Certification scheme: EDLRIS T4 AI.pdf
Robotics Certification scheme: EDLRIS T4 Robotics.pdf

Communication Activities (WP C)

Scientific Articles (D.C.1.1):

Further communication activities and deliverables (D.C.1.2 – D.C.5.4):

Organization of international workshops at high level conferences:

Selected pictures from dissemination/presentation/publication of EDLRIS at fairs, conferences, workshops, etc.: